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Originally Posted by Necro_Butcher

my theory on Music theory is as follows:

the reason music threoy exsists is so one can make Pleasent music.
so if you go one note out of your perfect scale and it sounds killer, then it is killer, dont limit yourself with theory, use it to make your playing better but dont allow it limit what you do

This is very wrong. I used to think the same way, however. This is what it seems like when you only know the basics. There are theory rules about going out of your perfect scale, and its very easy to use theory to write music that doesn't sound pleasent at all.

The thing about music theory, is people see all these rules, but if you only see the basic rules, you tend to think that you'll be limited to only writing music that sounds like classical, or fluffy pretty stuff, and that it will have a certain sound to it.

The truth is, the more you learn, you start to see that there are rules for when you break rules, and rules for when you break those rules. Every rule in music theory can be broken, and there are rules for how to break that one, and rules for how to break those rules for how to break.... ect. Its a complete circle that creates complete freedom.

The point is, music theory is completely free, its just a guide. You can do anything with music theory, and when you know enough about it, it just becomes like a helper, that gives you ideas, helps you fix things that don't sound good to you and stuff like that. Its really pretty cool.

For all the thrash metal and death metal songs I write, I completely use music theory every step of the way, and the results are awesome. I couldn't apply the theory to this "not pretty" stuff untill I had a really good grasp on theory though.

That pretty sound that people associate with music theory is just what your confined to during the early learning stages of theory.
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