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Originally Posted by Brutur
Back to the lyrics:
You didnít even use intelligent words, metaphors, similes and so on.

You're really a bit stuck up about that.

Gore lyrics are, at best, fun. If you start writing them as though you're writing something serious - i.e., using intelligent words, metaphors, similes, and so on - then you deserve the criticism you've given. They're stupid, true, but if you're going to write stupid you might as well embrace that. In general it's best to use a vocabulary and technique suited to your subject, not insist on the same for every subject.

And I don't think a poem can be judged simply on whether or not it uses intelligent words, metaphors, similes, and so on. A lot of very good poetry, and lyrics, was written without any of that, and a lot of dog shit poetry, and lyrics, was written with a broad vocabulary and glutted with symbolism. It can't just be forced in, and you can't reject good works because you've imposed artificial standards on them. Is this a good example of one you can't reject? Not really, but that shouldn't be the first thing to come to your mind when evaluating a poem or set of lyrics.
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