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Re: Donald Tardy

Originally posted by BolognaSandwich
IAlso, I dont see why people get mad at things like Kerry King doing a solo for Sum41. It gives metal more mainstream attention which is good.

You should have been here about ten posts ago. Every one was mad at King for doing that solo for sum 41, except me, that is.

as far as selling out doesn't happen nearly as much as people say it happens.

as far as mainstream goes...i agree with what memnoch said.
For the color dancers were pulsing, spinning, making liquid cartoons. Not really animations, but clear shades of color, forming a toy playground. They made this delight of breathing easy. All the playground objects were alive, including the swings and the merry-go-round. A silvery-blue arch of plastic color formed and collapsed in the center. A toy little boy, or maybe she was a little girl, jumped along this object, sliding down it, hanging on with small fingers, leaping into the grass. I felt a sense of responsibility begin to resonate within me, both for the knowledge of my wife and my coming child, and the deep psychedelic responsibility of my shamanic-like path. I glanced away briefly and one of the DMT beings, tall, thin and golem-like, grasped my head and turned it back to see. The shapes kept moving, and the child was my innocence too, and it was asking me to promise to share that innocence completely with our shinebelly baby when she/he births and grows and becomes human.
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