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i love the aggresive sound of the wooden beaters... it's also louder and cuts more too.

i'm not a fan of putting stuff in bass drums... muffling rings are the way to go. aquarians pretty much come stock with dampening built on. evans is also making a similar design... i don't know if remo makes any premuffled heads, but i know you can buy a remo muffling system for your bassdrum.

my friend has a fucking sandbag in his bassdrum, it weighs a fucking ton, but suprisingly sounds really good with his remo heads...

i find a looser head will give more click and punchy sound, though it might not be as deep or create as much volume and overtones. on my drummers heads, his back head is fairly loose, and his front head is medium, to tight on the front and your beaters will bounce off really quick and make it harder to play...
it sounds really good with his wooden beaters. i can't even beleive what a difference it's made. he used to just have the stock dw beaters, then he decided he didn't like them, to big or something, so he swapped them with a friend for some pacific's beaters(smaller), then he flipped them around to so it's the plastic side.... then one day, i don't know how, but they broke so i told him to buy these big red wooden ones because they looked like fucking apples... i was joking of course, but he bought them and they sound fantastic.

so if you want a really aggressive sound i suggest wooden beaters.
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