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Dude the same shit used to happen to me when I was fucking hot chicks. Like everything would be cool because I like to keep them well, pleased. I had to run in the bathroom and flush the condom pretty fast, but thats the only time I've never gotten off. With the others it just took a while. But thats good in its own way, you never have to appoligize.....haha though everyone knows it happens when you lose your virginity. You stick it in "Hey wow! This feels so UHHH" and you have an inch thick layer of used condom on you. I bet your problem is more psychilogical than physical. Try to relax. Sleep with a girl you've slept with before that you feel comfortable with, or if you are doing that find another chick and try it.

P.S I figured out my problem was I was concentrating too hard on pleasing the girl instead of realizing that shes going to like it even if its bad, its only high school. I just focused more on intimacy and it worked like a charm
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