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Originally Posted by powersofterror
uhh dude? He wasn't yelling anywhere near the amplifiers. What you said would've made sense if he had walked over to the mic next to the speaker and screamed into that one. But he didn't. He was yelling into nothing....If I was talking to you, would you really hear me better if my back was to you?!

If I was being sarcastic, would it work better if I said something that made perfect sense? Keep in mind that I'm not an idiot: when I say something unbelievably stupid, chances are good that I'm joking.

And he was yelling in the direction of the amplifiers, rather than the audience; that is, towards something that produced a noise capable of drowning out a human voice, rather than towards the ears that needed to hear him. I threw it in so that my statement would make less sense, not more, and thereby be more obviously sarcastic.
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