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(This post do not talk about pickup and guitar, dont read if you have not replyed yet.)


Hey dumbass i dont care with reply option if you dont have anything to say about this tread just dont reply and dont talk to much shit.

If you reply on this tread and was wrong about it, please choose an option below!

1) Just Shut The Fuck Up and Read.
2) Say something in relation with the subject.
3) Answer the subject with intelligence.(not to add a post with your account)

Thanks for comprehension, metal head.

Rap/Hip hop/electronic = no skill music, explanation : (only chicks naked or almost naked make it good.)

And if you think im wrong, you are gay or skilless or both.

Dont buy BCrich Nj series non speed-loader with floyd rose,


Because the floyd is the worst ever build.(it keep fuck the tunnig up when you use it, even if every springs and screws are correct.)
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