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Originally Posted by ChrisRezendes
On a more accurate note, I care. I'm not sure who exactly Abysslord is, but I know he's either somebody I know or somebody who's associated with people I know by name (Russ Elton, et al.). Those people do great work.

In all honesty, you should submit your tabs here. Make one nick that you guys can all submit tabs under. If the nick is associated with all of you, then all of you get credit. Makes sense to me.

Yeah, basically all the tab work is done by myself now (Russ), with some help from Jordan Baker and a few others who point out mistakes. I've had people help and fix things over the years (hence the names on the tabs), and for MF/KD I teamed up with two other people. But now I'm the only one doing work on them.

I'll keep submitting when I get time, it doesn't hurt so why not?
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