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heehee what the fukc else is new powers" !!!! haha And yeah, I know I spelled that wrong. I'm having a moral moment or something. I just dropped about 25 blank cd's and said an explicatory word I'd never used before. "Fudge packers!" haha I just recorded a song , just me singing, and I heard my bird say "hello Birdie" in the background. Oh well.

Okay. I like a happy ending. Shoot me. (not really) Okay, I'll give you a big hint.

Altar of Shadows
Leonin Elder
Soul Nova
Sphere of Purity

Do those mean anything to anyone? They're Magic cards actually. There's a stack of them under the monitor and I was bored and looking for inspiration. The top one was the Altar card and I thought it sounded cool so I started with that. The color change reference is because when I moved in the seat the colors changed on it since it's a foil card. Cool as heck,too. Then I found the L.E. and read the quote--" " The wisdom of the elders is just as much a weapon as a sword or a spear. We must learn to weild it. Ushanti, leonid seer " I thought that's pretty much the way songwriter's words can be so the elder crept in. The Soul Nova is a silver grey looking creature getting blasted by lime and white light til it melts into molten iron. So that's where the beast came from. And the sphere I thought sounded pretty and pearly and cool so I threw that in. I'm telling you all the details because a lot of times people don't realize how many inspirations aren't too far away. I've got others wanting to use these ,too. I think that's cool as heck. I don't mind as long as you ask me and if you make a shit ton of money with it ,don't forget me. I'm unemployed right now and could use a buck or 2. heehee
I'd LOVE to hear it hooked up.

BTW, Wally and his brother played Magic for years. I tried and sucked at it so I just looked at their cards. And they never went out and raped old ladies or burned crosses in anyones yard. Anyone who thinks they're satanic needs they're head examined and better NEVER like the LOTR movies. It 's about the same sci-fi stuff to me. End of mom speech. Thanks for all your comments.
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-wally: Mom, you shouldn't play after me because it makes you sound even worse than you already do. -wally:*grumbles and whispers quietly* I guess it's cuz I love you or something, but you're still a TURD
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Amadeus:Oh, and was there a cesserole (never mind spelling) involved?
Paddy:the fact that you didn't end up on a kids show makes me question my atheism
Dyldo: You evil strumpet!
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