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Yer not even close, powers', but I do have a thesaurus sitting here. I fought with those words and I still don't like them but -erse is hard to rhyme. Would a comma help between there? I'm not happy with distorted perverse because it doesn't sound right either.
Glad you liked it though. "Altar of Shadows" is a big hint to what the items were though. And there's one other blatant hint in there. The other two are just eluded to. But the color changes in one line refer to the title, too. Have I totally confused you? It was pretty neat doing this one.
My eldest son's bipolar website:

-wally: Mom, you shouldn't play after me because it makes you sound even worse than you already do. -wally:*grumbles and whispers quietly* I guess it's cuz I love you or something, but you're still a TURD
Grimm:I could read your mind but its in font size .5
Amadeus:Oh, and was there a cesserole (never mind spelling) involved?
Paddy:the fact that you didn't end up on a kids show makes me question my atheism
Dyldo: You evil strumpet!
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