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Originally Posted by MyOwnSavior
I remember when I did a Best Opeth Album thread. It got closed. Anyways,

Thats becuase it got off tipoc like this one has, one person has said they dont like opeth and everybody else has felt the need to justify why opeth is good and not what they say. GET OVER IT COCKSUCKERS. ITS FUCKING CALLED OPINION, IF THEY DON'T LIKE OPETH LET THEM NOT LIKE OPETH. IF THEY THINK ITS SIMPLE SHIT, ALLOW THEM TO WALLOW IN IGNORANCE AS TO WHAT A GREAT BAND THEY ARE MISSING OUT ON. This doesn't just apply to opeth either, there are lots of instances of this in band threads, where someone says they dont like a band and then they instantly get flamed, although Transient does deserve it in thecs case because he is just stupid.
My favourite opeth albums would be Deliverance and My Arms, though this can change depending on mood, as I also like Still Life alot.
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