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Originally Posted by Def
well, I said 'good' rack gear didn't I

If I want something like the sound I get from my Engl, it'll set me back more then it'de cost me to buy a new powerball.

Ofcourse you can get cheap rack gear too, but if you want good stuff, better dish out that cash. a good head is cheaper overall. If you're just starting out you're just as well of with a randall rh100 instead of a cheapass rack with ss poweramp.
Over here rackgear is pretty hard to find anyways so its a bit more expensive then in the US I think.

obvisously you've never played an mp-1? one of the biggest underdog preamps ever imo. they're retardedly cheap and really good.

how much did your savage run you? i bet you could slap a rack that's just as good together for about the same price.
it wouldnt sound "identical" which might create the illusion that it's not as good if you find your savage to be the best to your ears.
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