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Originally Posted by Def
Not really, a really good racksetup runs way more expensive!

i don't get your logic... a preamp and poweramp is basically the same as a head.... the simplest form of a rack... a cheap tube preamp like an ada mp-1 plus something like a peavey classic 50/50... it's like a tube top... you could probably assemble that rack for about $400-500 in the u.s. and i think it's a better rig than most tube tops that go for that much. hell, even over that much.

it depends on how nice... you want something that'll compete with a blue voodoo or a 5150 in both price and sound... there are a number of options that can be had to fit those requirements. if you want something that will compete with a really nice botique head like a bogner xtc, you can get a number of nice rack peices in that quality and price range.
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