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Originally Posted by Def
Feedback has a powerball, a screamer 50 and they had a Thunder but that one was sold like two weeks ago.

when are you going there man? I allways go over there for strings and shit, obviously not to buy anything big because they've got SHITTY service there. The powerball they had in the test room wasn't to be touched. haha, first thing I touched was ofcourse, the powerball

I'm not sure when (and if) i'll go. We have two nice stores over in Haarlem to buy strings and stuff. I once went to feedback, but they were closed that day and havent come back. A few days ago I saw on their website that they had some engl stuff, so i'd thought to go and check it sometime.
But if the won't let you even touch the stuff...well...i dunno
Originally Posted by Darko
Originally Posted by Requiem
Why would you sig that?
Why not? Why would you sig me saying that I hate you? I was serious there, too.

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