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Originally Posted by xdislexicx
not all racks... a decent/good preamp+poweramp rack will cost about as much as a good/decent head...

my jmp-1 + classic 50/50 setup would be just as kick-assy(maybe more, not to mention more flexible) and just as loud as a marshall tube top. and would cost the same amount(if we're talking used of course)...

that's not even the cheapest rack rig you could get, ada mp-1's are even cheaper and almost as good imo... and you don't have to get a tube poweramp.

you and your damn engl's... save up and get the se, don't even bother with the powerball.

Not really, a really good racksetup runs way more expensive!

I won't get an SE. I've tried it now, same with the Savage SE, it has too many options I don't need and the powerball does exactly what I want it too, brutal fucking tone. and nice tubey cleans, its more versatile then my savage or my rack, but its a shitload more expensive too.
The SE's are both more versatile but way above my budget, I don't want to spend 4000 bucks on a top. I mean I use it a lot too, I'de be afraid to hurt it or getting it stolen or something. A used powerball goes for about 1000 euro's here. not shabby, I've got a hook up on one now, If only I could sell my rack this weekend... then its mine.
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