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Originally Posted by tatter3d
I tried a six string the other day in local music shop.. i really hated it.. i mean yeah you got a higher string.. good for like octaves and higher notes for like solo bass.. but the strings were so close together and the neck was so damn wide! didnt like it at all, but whatever floats your boat go for it.. just my opinion on the case. jon myung makes it look so easy and comfortable..

I honestly don't see what's the big deal about a wider neck. I've also tried out a 6er in my local music store, and I could easily reach the B string. And I have pretty small hands too. As for the string difference, it took me a couple of months to get fully used to the difference of a five string, so it should be about the same (or a little longer) for a 6. The only reason I wouldn't like a wide neck is that barring the strings would be more difficult. Luckily that is not needed very often, and I personally never play chords with more than four strings, I find it just sounds bad with more than that.
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