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6 Strings too much?

When I owned a four string I thought 5 would satisfy my desire. The fifth string (B) is extremely useful when you're playing something pretty high and have to suddenly go a lot lower. You do not have to move all the way down the neck to do so.
As I'm improving and learning more classical stuff, I'm beginning to wish I had a sixth string. When you play a song and you have to play a long fill with continous sixteenth notes, it can be difficult moving down from the 16th fret on the G all the way down to the 2nd fret on the B. If I had a sixer I could at least start on the 11th fret, which would make it much easier. It also is annoying to have to play up at the 20-24 frets on the G because the frets are so close together that a semitone trill means you have to be carefull one finger leaves enough room for the other, if you understand what I'm trying to say.
6 may not be necessary, but it really would help.
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