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It's set up great, the action is really nice..I have another guitar with the same pickup (EMG-81) which sounds great, but unfortunately, I forgot to bring a working cord home and I have to get a soldering iron and fix one before I can play it properly, so I'll have to let you know about the sound later today or tomorrow..

I can say that it plays great, and it's nice to have 24 frets to play with. Also, the tremolo is really sweet, I've been doing some diving and it's stayed in tune really well so far. The pics don't do it justice, but the paint job is great..deep red, and black bevels, and there is some texture to the paint's fucking gorgeous.

Finally, the case is nice, shaped just like the guitar and with matching red padding on the inside. A nice touch.

So, I have to stick with Soulinsane and wholeheartedly recommend this company to anyone that wants a nice custom guitar.
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