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I haven't been a metalhead for so long, not more than a year or so. But I have heard alot of different bands, shitty bands and good ones. But I know there is so many more to hear, and I have only one life to find them all. So I ask you: Could any one write down bands. It doesn't matter if you think they suck, or if they are like God/Satan in the music world to you. As many as possible. I have some favourite bands like:

Children Of Bodom
Iron Maiden
Cradle of Filth
Within Temptations

It doesn't have to be this kind of music, anything wil do.

I will be greatefull to whoever tries to help me with this.

And for God sake, METALBANDS! Not some shitty rap or pop or some thing like that. I have nothing against anybody who likes it, but I can't stand it!!!
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