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Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
,should that be 'passed' or 'passes' ? 'Pass' just doesn't sound right to me. The fifth part , 4th line --'nothingless' ? Is that right? Should it be nothingness or two words-- nothing less ?

in the line "For every season that PASS" the Pass is right because I'm talking about any season, therefore a cycle. no if I was refering to a specific season it would be Passed

And the Nothingless is also right. there is no such word as Nothingness, as you suggested.
For example: "and see that nothingless is all" (Therion - Lemuria)
" Life suffers defeat Lunar strain From nothingless to reality As we see it From nothingless to life ......" (In Flames - Lunar Strain)
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