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Thanks! I think the vocals will be better for this one too and it definetly has more of a metal ring to it I think!!

We've talked to the label guy yesterday and made a deal, the deal is, they press 500 of our demo's and we supply artwork and shit, we have to sell 200, and above that we start making profit (from off there, we get money, the first 200 are for him for the costs and the little profit he wants and the shit he does for promotion) We can sell a least 100 to friends, as in 5 bandmembers have at least 20 people they can sell too, my guess is we'll sell some more to friends anyways, the other 100 we can sell at stores and we're selling 50 to a webstore who wants to do distribution. Anyways, I don't think it's a problem to sell the 200. 500 I don't know, but we've got the time to sell it anyways and its not costing us one cent. The demo's will be 5 euro's a piece, so thats like 6/7 usd. Though we won't rely on the demo to get us money, its the shows that do it.

Anyways, we'll see how that runs, the booklet and artwork/pressing will be done late january/early february so it'll take some time. (doesnt matter since we're starting gigs again in january.)

so you got a film man? that's cool! if you've got it uploaded somewhere I'de like to see it anyways, practise recordings are allways fun, I might be able to get some too next week!
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