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as for support from your parents, yeah, I'de be the cool thing to do as a parent. I don't know, when I was a kid my parents didn't care much about it, but if I'de ever get kids I would support them at the start, as in first amp, first guitar.

As for value, it's whatever turns your clock, if the triple recto is the amp for you, then it's worth the money.

I mean, I'm up for buying another top next year, and its gonna be around 2000 bucks for sure, it's worth it for me, if you look at it in a sensitive way, it's not. but if I think it's worth it, fuck it, I'll get it anyways. it's just a matter of how far you can push it, I can't afford it right now partially because I've got my custom guitar on the way and all..
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