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he might be bullshitting...

but yes, i see it all the time... "mommy, i'll never ask you for anything ever again if you buy me the most expensivist amp in guitar center."
so of course for his birthday, he gets his rectifier, it's only a dual so he sobs a bit because they sold his roadking two weeks earlier to another brat.

two weeks later, "daddy, i really wish i had a prs..."
so for christmas he gets his custom 22.

occassionally they actually earn it...

my first amp i stole/was given to me... crate gfx30 30w s.s. 1x12 combo... it was at my friend's house... a friend of his left it there and he hadnt seen the dude for like a year... i asked him if i could have it... so i took it.
the fx didnt work, and the distortion channel was kinda busted...
bad amp.
ironically the way i lost this amp was i let a friend barrow it... he left it at a friends house, that kid pawned it... i wasnt too heart broken.

my first half stack(2nd amp) was a crate g1600xl... pretty good amp.
my parents helped me out a bit...
$300 used from a friend, i paid half and the rest was my bday present from my parents.... that's all i got for my 14th birthday....

i always busted ass to get my gear... before i was old enough to get a real job it was mowing lawns in the summer, shoveling driveways in the winter, paper boy, whatever...

i'm glad i earned it though, playing mediocre gear at first helps you appreciate the little things... i can actually make shitty peices of gear sound pretty good now because of the experience...

you can make something as shitty as a dod grunge pedal through a gfx30 sound good then think of the possibilities you have with nicer amps....
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