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I think the best way to improve the voting is to require a comment with any vote. Any "This tab sux n u blow chode" remarks (and the corresponding vote) can be deleted. Obviously, it will need to be made clear that stupid, unreasoned votes/comments will be deleted. I'm thinking that with this system in place maybe people will give the tab an accurate rating rather than a 1 because they've spotted that one note is out of place.

As for the rate of submissions, I'd say it's more like 12-15 tabs on a busy day and as few as 5 on a quiet day. I should imagine that there are for more votes registered each day than tabs. Of course, if there are hundreds of votes submitted per day then moderating these votes becomes very time consuming and the idea of screening votes becomes redundant.

On the whole, I think the voting system is OK as it is. It gets annoying when somebody deliberately votes a tab that you've spent hours and hours on a 1 out of spite, but those instances are few and far between. It would be nice to see some comments on our tabs but I don't think it is an essential feature by any means.
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