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Originally Posted by Def
That is a lot of damn volume you actively use there. I've played a whole range of gigs with my 60w tube amp and it never seemed to run out of volume/tone. Anyways, it's a matter of how loud you play, I allways thought we play pretty loud, but you guys must make ears bleed, haha!
compared to my top, the rack didn't sound as loud for some weird ass reason. the top just sounds better.

that's what i was thinking, we practice in about a master bedroom sized room which padding and dampening blakets on the walls.... each through two 4x12's... our dummer plays fucking loud and his kit is made out of harder wood so it projects, not to mention the 18" & 19" crashes and tones of double bass(we mic the kick and make him play it alot to help make up for not having a bass player)....

in one way i'm delighted to be able to crank that shit because it sounds the best like that, but then my cleans grit up(sometimes i want it, sometimes i don't)... i think alot of it has to do with the output of the preamp going into the poweramp(though i have it dimed too.)
we don't really notice much difference in volume on his head btween 6 and 10 but we just dime it anyways.
i'm a volume freak.
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