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Originally Posted by xdislexicx

i think they have pretty good cleans for high gain amps....(better than most marshall's and way better then 5150's)

my guitarist has a 120w tube 5150, and i have the 100w(2x50w) peavey classic 50/50 or sometimes i play my buddy's 100w jcm 900... we quite literally play with our amps dimed... he's going for a triple recto(as opposed to the dual he first fell in love with) and i'm going for a mesa 2:95... we need more headroom and volume reserves...

Well, that's true, they do sound a lot better then marshalls and peaveys, but hell they're in a different league with high-end tops. Even though Mesa is the most well known name, it should be better, though I've heard way better cleans from other boutique amps, I'de say if you get a mesa you're getting it for the distortion, there is where it stands out, you know?

That is a lot of damn volume you actively use there. I've played a whole range of gigs with my 60w tube amp and it never seemed to run out of volume/tone. Anyways, it's a matter of how loud you play, I allways thought we play pretty loud, but you guys must make ears bleed, haha!
compared to my top, the rack didn't sound as loud for some weird ass reason. the top just sounds better. thats why my rack is my backup now. I'm thinking of getting a savage 120 or special edition in about a year and getting the 60w as backup and selling the rack, since I know a guy who wants to buy it off me, as does he want to buy my RG too. (can only sell it once I get my Ran in) but I don't want to get rid of it, I love that RG.

and for the cabs, even if you try an engl v30 cab, it still sounds waaay different, mesa cabs have more mids and highs, whilst engls have more balls, though the mesa cabs are great in combination with the mesa tops. Engl amps with mesa cabs sound delicious too, I'de highly recommend trying a setup like that. I tried both the powerball and savage on the mesa cab, I don't know, I stil like the savage better, has two kt88's though. IMO, one of the most versatile tube tops with great clear -hard punching- distortion. But hey, before I go off in another pro-engl rant, I'll shut up
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