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tried a dual and triple this week, tested them through a whole load of different cabs. one tip, if you want the mesa sound, get the matching cab.

it's weird, but the mesa cabs have their own tone, most cabs do but their's just have a more distinctive sound.

As for mesa's, I think they're not worth their money, but ofcourse, if its exactly what you're looking for, go for it.

They have a high-gainy sound but can get bottomy if you use the eq right, they're pretty noisy with passive pickups, but ofcourse only at high volumes. the cleans on it are 'allright' but nothing to write home about IMO, a triamp, soldano SLO100 or rivera knucklehead sounds better clean. (played those next to it to compare..)

If you get a mesa triple or dual recto, you're getting it for the distortion channel, because thats what makes it rock. It's comparable to most high-gain amps but it has a more open sound, which some people hate, but most people love.
Ofcourse, they're all the rage nowadays, but they're good amps, but if you look at it price wise, I'de definetly get something else that sounds better for the same ammount of money.

if I had to choose, I'de prolly get the dual instead of the triple, I liked it a bit better, ofcourse the triple has a bit more headroom, but you just won't use 150 tube watts. Let alone 100 tube watts. I've played a bunch of gigs with 60 tube watts and I never had it past 70% of its volume and that was cutting through the mix like a chainsaw so I had to turn it down

I had a feeling my Engl Savage would sound great through a mesa cab, so I tried that too, (only with a savage 120) it did sound neat, but it lost the engl sound and traded that in for a mix with the mesa sound, sounded great, but I like the engl sound more, so I might get rid of my marshall 1960 and get a matching engl cab with v30's.
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