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I just realized what you said after looking at it again. It's all about dynamics and playing with a metronome. Making sure that with 16ths you get the enunciated note on a click and a downstroke (assuming it is down up down up). Therefore being Click+(Enunciate)1 2 3 4 Click+(Enunciate)1 2 3 4. With triplets, I count sixs since I don't like to enunciate my upstrokes much. So my counting would be Click+(Enunciate)1 2 3 Click+4 5 6 for triplets. You can use 1 2 3 1 2 3 if you wish, I just don't do that due to personal preference. If you are doing legato, then pick strokes should simply be on the count (pending on the song) and the rest is in your head. Tap your foot with the beat if you don't already. I usually pick stuff before I attempt doing it legato. I wouldn't think you would be trying to do just left hand work when changing strings, especially not if you are having problems. You said you fixed your problem, this is all just icing on the cake.
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