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Rest In Peace...

Here are the lyrics....and below is the MIDI of the song. Tell me what you think.....well I can't post the same song in 2 different threads....uhhh, I posted the MIDI of the song in the SUICIDE thread, so if you wanna hear the music go there....on the second page of it.

A really touchy subject, but I don't mind. If it's sung like one of the late Death albums it fits like a ballet slipper. If you don't comment on the lyrics atleast tell me if the music is good, like I need to add a riff or too repetative...yadda yadda yadda, oh, and the solo happens when the guitar cuts out at 3:07.

Rest In Peace

Sitting alone atop my muzzled kingdom
Where the silence flows
And the leaves fall from the woods
My pain, it burns
Look at the body with a lust
A lust for a new beginning
She died and the sun will fail

I wish for a second life
Churning through my mind all this time
For all this time I have waited
Crying deeply for a second chance with her

Am I ready to die, alone in here
Who knows what my end will govern
Where is my tool of death? Of what will forge
My passage to the forest of my dreams

Oh, heaven above the stars, where are you
As I burn

So at the end of life
To trip and fall to your hands
Peirced through the heart and blood oozing from
As I lie by your side and Rest..In...Peace.
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