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" Three Jewels "

Here's a recently written one for you guys and girls to tear up. Metaphoric iin certain ways to me. And not really a song, but a free verse poem .

" Three Jewels "

Treasures stowed under waves
Jewels too valuable to be worn
Just a hint of glint shining
A spark of a buried smile

Past the pages of words
Images abandoned 'til a rainy day
When fingers gently pluck the strings
And the tales and dreams once real unwind

Cannon voice the thunderclap
Shooting star finds it's mark
Overshot right through
Fletch embedded forever as a reminder

Sat upon my shoulder I see
A sparrow looking back at me
Eying with mutual curiousity
Feathers ruffled and tucked to roost awhile

Could you a silent comrade be
Blushed, irreverence of faith confided
A trusted companion
That has become keeper of thoughts

One and one is two
And there stops the buried dream
Hoping not a moment of weakness
But a shout at the world

I cannot, would not retract,
Dear friend, keeper of my thoughts
Sharer of a time of joy and sadness
Reciprocation awarded when need be

Silence and gazed distance
Lost in memory of the dawn
Gems of the past safeguarded
As is the confidant to the confessor's heart

My eldest son's bipolar website:

-wally: Mom, you shouldn't play after me because it makes you sound even worse than you already do. -wally:*grumbles and whispers quietly* I guess it's cuz I love you or something, but you're still a TURD
Grimm:I could read your mind but its in font size .5
Amadeus:Oh, and was there a cesserole (never mind spelling) involved?
Paddy:the fact that you didn't end up on a kids show makes me question my atheism
Dyldo: You evil strumpet!
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