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Originally Posted by DELETE79
Exactly. Miguel is the second guitarist on Whisper Supremacy.

And the other singer was Martin Lacroix he took the singer spot between the DiSalvo/Lord Worm replacement, he's the one you hear on None so Live.

Fuckin great show i can't wait for the DVD and the next album....
c'mon guys it's been 4 years almost 5.

I think the worm feast was funny... maybe beacause i ate one hehehe....
Hummm.. worms

ahh Miguel...but i'm sure i heard the name Jon, not Miguel...well whatever new shit will be very welcomed thats for your one of those crazy kids eating worms eh, good for you son. you should have put it in your pocket, gone home, preserved it in a tin can and then sold it off to the highest bidder as Lord Worm's worm.
the patterns are everywhere...
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