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Post YOUR band

I dont know which forum this belongs to, so mods, please shift in case this is the wrong place to post such a thread!

I have a band called Narsil, not very original yes, but I liked the sound of it, so...

here's the link:

Please download the "death comprendez" track. No vocals as yet, only instruments. Mixed/recorded at home.

Mostly soft rock this is, nothing hard or heavy as most people seem to like it, though it might appeal to death metal fans(for some vague reason people keep telling me my music appeals to death metal fans - cant for the world figure out why!).

We're from India, and currently a 2 member band - both of us guitarists, and the drums and bass are programmed - nothing fancy, just some very basic stuff!

Would appreciate some feedback!

Influences: Beatles, Eagles, some modern girl/boy bands, glam rock, and some nu-metal!

P.S. - Ryan Parry rules! I can't figure out why you guys bash the poor kid so much, he's just trying to do what he feels is music, and I really relate to his music. In fact, he was the main reason why I started writing songs in the first place!
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