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Originally Posted by Ian
Dimebag kicks Kings ass

I'm going to ask a stupid question...

A stupid friend of mine said that the lead singer of Pantera came out of the closet and he's gay...

Is that true

Dimebag doesn't kick King's ass. He's a better guitarist but half of what makes him distinct is distilled Kerry King undisciplined craziness. And why's everyone forgetting about Jeff Hanneman? King's not Slayer's only guitarist; he's not even their best one. Leads have never really been the major Slayer appeal, but if they're to be discussed you might as well not tie a hand behind their back.

No, Phil has not come out. The last time I checked he was married to some bluesy folk singer - female, mind you - from New Orleans. The claim that he's gay is probably a residual of some anti-Pantera website. I think it would be funnier than when Halford came out, as Pantera fans are generally much more intolerant than Judas Priest fans. I don't know definitively, but I've no reason to think he's gay.
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