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i only dig Reign in Blood by Slayer, the rest of their stuff i deem to be pretty mediocre.

All of their songs have solos that are mostly shitty; mediocre at best. Kerry's not a good improviser, he's only sat down and really written one on like a few songs. Dimebag owns in that area; hands down.

Sure, they have written some classic riffs and have had an influence on alot of bands, but alot of their stuff on an album sound similar to each other: the solos, the verse sections (look at the old RTT thread where i matched the verse sections of Raining Blood and Angel of Death...they even had the exact same tempo).
You might say that Slayer is heavier than Pantera.....but that depends on your definition of "heavy"
To me, Slayer is overrated.
Plus, i find Vinnie's drumming to be more creative, and i like Phil's voice better, so that's why my vote went to Pantera.
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