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I disagree with disciple about only being able to get metal crunch from using a distortion pedal in front of a valve amp I play a marshall TSL 60 JCM 2000 head into a 1936 2x12 cab and that has tons of preamp distortion and it's way better than my now redundant metalzone, It may not be able to match its level of gain but it sounds far more full and real and way heavier sounding this is because all the sound is being created using tubes. The problem with the marshalls is that the EQ is not really sufficient to scoop enough of the mids for a real metal crunch, but I put a boss eq pedal in the effects loop to shape the tone better (a useful addition to any amp) and I use EMG pickups which gives me the perfect sound without using a distortion pedal. The only pedal based dirt box I rate is the boss sd 1 that zakk uses as this is used to push the amp harder rather than create external distortion, it makes the amp's existing gain go through the roof by pushing the signal through harder and making the tubes work more. Zakk needs this because he uses a JCM 800 which was made for a time when gain was less extreme but a modern marshall will give a kickass metal tone without an overdrive pedal.

I would be tempted to go for the 50 or 60 watt jcm 2000 amp head +cab as this is perfect for a band situation, 100 watts is just too much power to crank up at a rehearsal and you need it cranked to get the best sound from it, 50 watts is plenty for the vast majority of gigs thesse days anyway.
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