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Man, anyone into what willowtip's got going on right now? I ordered a few cds from their website after hearing some tracks on soulseek (gotta support the underground artist buddy, can't just steal mp3s all the time! haha).

I already had watchmaker's kill.fucking.everyone and arsis (both great by the way, arsis trad. swede ala at the gates but faster and from virginia and watchmaker pure fucked hatecore) but I bought those at a record store here in Dallas and didn't even associate them with willowtip until i went to their website. Holy shit, the stuff i got in the mail today blew my freaking lid.

Capharnaum is fucking killer melodic tech death with guys from monstrosity and martyr, Vulgar Pigeons "Imperialism" is an awesome polit. grindcore album comparable to benumb mixed with cripple bastards and phobia, and ion dissonance is DEP playing 7 strings if they hadn't turned into commercial pussys and had a black metal vocalist instead of that fucking musclehead mike patton ripoff. totally undescribable.

i know i sound like a label whore, but DL a few tracks and see what I'm talking about. Is this the new Relapse, say Relapse 5 years ago, before that label turned more and more commercial over time, pushing Mastodon and DEP to be more "accessable" and releasing freaking "metalcore" for fuck's sake, just another word for short hairs who struggle with their instruments?

anyways, flame me and my comments if you want, i don't give a shit, but just watch out for that goddamn willowtip.
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