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Keep in mind, you people talking about when CC formed, that they're from Buffalo, NY. Anyone who's ever been to Buffalo might be aware of the fact that it sucks royally and is not a hotbed for anything. The fact that five talented, death metal-oriented musicians came together and formed a band, a good band, in that artistic climate is absolutely mind-boggling. You could say the same thing for Sepultura, but I don't think they really had much trouble finding each other. Anyway, I'm just saying: it's easier to form band in a place like Florida at the time, where everyone was racing headfirst to deathmetaldom, but Buffalo? That would take some time.

And for Dissection (and no, this is not about the CC comment, as that's a matter of taste): Do you honestly think that Les is the only person to show his skill on the bass? I agree that he's better than Webster, and most bassists of his generation, but that's absolutely nuts. I mean, when DiGorgio toured with Testament he played their guitar solos. If you're having trouble finding good bassists, the band Gov't Mule was kind enough, when their bassist died, to record two albums full up with probably the best bassists living - with the strange exception of Geddy Lee - called The Deep End Vols 1 & 2. If you can't find somebody else to impress you there, well, you're not likely to find somebody. And, of course, Les is invovled. There's actually a companion documentary, called Rising Low, that explains the making of the record, the reason behind it, and does a lot of exploration into bass playing. Good stuff.

And I like Alex Webster.
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