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Originally Posted by BLS
John, no one ever complainns when an old thread is ressurected (atleast not in gear talk)

if Nomad can do this it would be great. And the temp ban idea is fuckign retarded... like the Mods need even mroe reason to abuse their powers, they should temp ban you just for thinking of such a stupid idea riggs

Looks like someone spoke too soon. I haven't seen a mod abuse their power, and you guys are all complaining about people bringing new threads up, well this would stop it. Just making some little lame pop-up reminds me of the U.S. and the way they treat the death penalty. A guy can kill 5 people and get 5 life sentances, and still get off with parol... if you're going to make some rule, enforce it. Otherwise nobody is going to follow it, and like I said before, just because it pops up doesn't mean everyone will read it. If nobody likes my idea why don't the mods just close down the stupid threads that keep coming up like 3 times in a row and if the same person keeps doing it, THEN temp ban them or something.

EDIT: And if Nomad doesn't want to put up with shutting them all down or doesn't have the time he can find someone he trusts to help him out with that or something. I just don't see the pop-up enforcing anything.
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