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I have groupies too, they're the best

I've been playing in bands for about 4/5 years, some lasted for about 3 tops, but most of the time shit falls apart anyway after a bunch of time, you know how it goes, study, chicks, etc.

I'm part of two bands now though. one has got a demo up on internet, if you're interested,
We're busy writing more songs now, we've been togethere for less then half a year but we all had experience, so that makes things easier. we're not playing live at the moment, we did two test-shows which where great. we're writing more material for a full set now. With one of my old bands (morning will come) I played a bunch of gigs the last two years, but that band is on his ass now. I kinda miss those shows and ofcourse the free beer

share your stuff guys, I'de like to hear some metaltabs noise!
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