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Im getting there. ive got a lot of shit planned for now. So far ive got my (sadly) 3 piece band. Ive got a drummer, bassist, and i do guitar, keyboard and vocals. guitar 1+2 of coarse. Its kind of a bitch to write all the lyrics and songs, but at least no matter what, they will always come out how i want them to becuase im the one writing it. Im pretty confident in my music so far though. I dont have anything more than cassete recordings for now, but, i know what i like, and what i like i really actually love. And most of the time i really do like my songs. Maybe my post doesnt even belong here right now cause its not direct to your thread, yeah im drunk. but, i just fealt like. Ive got 4 songs that im satisfied with, plus an intro. So yeah, im not "famous"... yet
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