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Originally Posted by Infinity
i think coming to metaltabs is a great step, ive improved my guitar since ive been here, i believe.

everyone will disagree with me im sure, but i say get a guitar. any guitar. its a guitar. a cheapo one will do, i still have my first, its an essex. now, your saying "an eswhat?" - well thats my point. its just a guitar and until you get serious itll do.

i agree with this guy, get cheap guitar, even if its a bcrich bronze series warlock, it looks cool, plays alright, and sound decent enough to get you into playing, i would get the warlock starter kit if i were you, i had one, the amp is small, but you dont need to much amp in the beginning, and definitely get a dist. pedal, i would reccomend the digitech metalmaster, or the boss mt-2 metalzone, prolly the metalzone more, cus you can turn down the distortion a bit.
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