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I would personally stay away from all the 'starter kits' or jumpstart kits, like that Ibanez one, and the Fender Squier, and the BC Rich Metal Master starter pack or whatever it's called. From what I've read, they're pretty shitty. If you've got the patience to save up, avoid them and go with something else. But if you do buy it, you won't be 'ripped off' because it does seem like good value for little money. The guitar that comes in that kit is the 3rd cheapest Ibanez guitar on the site, the Ibanez GRX40.

When you read reviews, try to ignore all the reviews that give all "10/10" or "0/10". Try to find reviews that give mixed scores, because they're more honest. I found this review on

7 out of 10
8 out of 10
9 out of 10
10 out of 10!
I Want It:
10 out of 10!
5 out of 10

"i own it, i play it - very useful review"
cool features. the tuner's very useful - but the video has such a poor quality that you can't watsch it without getting blind. get yourself a book or a teacher to learn how to play - but DO NOT use that video. lol apart from that, there's everything you need to get started.

it's okay. the finish's quite good - as long as you don't have a closer look. there were also some sharp plastic edges which caused the e-string to break. if you get rid of that, the quality's alright - it's a guitar you can throw to the floor, almost unbreakable. best quality you can get for that price, i think.

okay, 10 points here, it isn't too expensive. but you've got to remember: THIS IS A STARTER PACK. it includes everything you need to get started - but if you're an advanced player, you might be a bit disappointed. i recomment it to young and wild starters.

yeah, i want that baby. i've got a black one - and it's so damn sexy. lol

the sound isn't that great but maybe that's just the amp. the clean sound channel is okay - but you can't play any (power-)chord with distortion, they all sound the same, no matter what you do. and i ain't a bad player.

i haven't dealt with ibanez so far. so i can't rate that point.

overall - i love it. simply because i love all my guitars. it's fun to play, although that beauty can be a bit complicated. i don't get the classic rock sound i want to have out of it - at least not with the features included in that package (how to get that sound out of that guitar + amp doesn't belong to that review ). when you want a guitar to have fun and make some noise, a guitar that won't complain when it's treated a bit rough - go get it. if you want a guitar that doesn't only look sexy but also sounds great: get some cool effects or a strat.

This review really turned me off the kit, because you'll be playing mostly power chords. You shouldn't make a decision based on the reviews, but you can use them as a guide. You should only make a definate decision when you go to a store and hear the guitars for yourself. And there's no guarantee that the guitars you find on the net will be available at your local music shops.

That Ibanez kit is $246. If you want a decent beginners guitar and amp, you'll probably be looking at paying at least $350 - $400 in total.

But if you're getting a decent sound out of your guitar and amp, you're more likely to continue playing and not give up. One of my friends bought an Ashton starter kit (the worst guitar and kit on the planet) and he's given up because it's so shitty.

Here's some equipment you may consider:

The prices may differ in your local music store. These guitars seem reasonable beginner guitars to me.

Can anyone else give an opinion on these guitars?

These amps look interesting, although I can't give an opinion on them:

The amp is a huge part of your sound, it's just as important as your guitar, if not more so.

After a few weeks of playing, if you have any spare cash, you might also want to invest in buying a cheap multi FX processor, such as the Digitech RP50 or a Zoom pedal.
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