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It's best to start off with a 6 string. A 7 string has one extra, lower string and it may make things a tad more complicated when you start. HumbuckERs are pickups which were created to eliminate the buzzing found in single coils (hence the name, it "bucks" the hum). The humbucker also looks like a two single coils stuck right next to each other and are generally more accepted in metal and have a "beefier" tone. As far as choosing an Ibanez goes, I would look at guitars with in your price range and ask around on what Ibanez's are best for a beginner. It also helps to ask around at guitar stores and talk to people who know their can try Guitar Center but I find people at smaller independent stores are friendlier and don't mind stiking up a conversation. You probably don't have to worry about tuning at the momemt. Standard tuning (EADGBe) is the most common tuning but tuning down gives the strings more slack and gives you a lower tone as used in lots of metal. There are also drop-D tunings and alternate tunings that make voicing power chords simpler...(again you probably don't need to worry about this just starting out.) Hope this helps...
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