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How much are you willing to save up and spend?

I bought a Jackson JX10 (metallic blue) for AUD$560 (rrp $699). I tried various other guitars, but I prefered the clarity and crunch of this guitar (it has three Duncan designed mini humbuckers). The others in the same price range sounded a bit more muddy.

I've seen this guitar for about $270, from memory, on American sites. Sometimes cheaper.

You'll want a guitar with humbucks. You should google 'guide to buying guitar' or something, and you'll learn the basics there.

I also got a Behringer Vintager GM110 30 watt amp, and it's a piece of shit. It cost me $220 and the RRP is around $300. Don't get that.

I heard the Roland Cube 30 is a good little amp? I remember some people posting here about it.
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