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a crate heineken is 9 bucks here, thats 24x0,33cl bottles.

ah, sixpacs a lot cheaper, but it differs from the brand, we've got like ten different brands in every random supermarket here (some have more) en then we've got neat liqour stores too, though they charge a bit more.

anyways, its all good here, but the bars and clubs charge insane prices here, a good beer like Hertog Jan or Duvel costs like 2,50 euro's here, a good whisky like a talisker something like 4/5, you get the idea. when I was in Rimini (italy) on my holiday trip, I spend 800 bucks on drinks alone. and that was cheaper then over here.. and only two weeks.

anyways, I need to lay back on the weekday drinking, its kinda getting outta hand so I'm going to stick it to two days instead of the week, as in drinking like spending more then 20 bucks, not just drinking 'a' beer. its going to be tuesdays and fridays, I have wednesday off and saturday, well just a job. saturday evening is like the rest of the weekend. Its good that I make a lot of money, because if I didn't I wouldn't be able to afford my going-out pattern.
But I'm going to narrow it down now, I want to buy a Ducati coming April.
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