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Originally Posted by powersofterror
I'm now drinking a 40oz Icehouse Premium Ale. It's not malt liquor, so it's not as strong at only 5.5%/vol. but it is surprisingly good with a great taste. Has anyone else ever have this before?
....for 2 bucks it was well worth it.

I thought about making part two of this thread, but i actually forgot. Ive never had that icehouse, ill probably try it some day cause i agree that anything in 40oz and less than 2 bucks is well worth it.
Originally Posted by TheDreadfulHoroscope
I dont know if it was what you were talking about, but icehouse sucks.

I just drank like 10 shots of jack daniels last night and i felt like shit this was worth it though

10 shots only! i mix my drinks now, but if you added up the number of shots the amount could be divided into, it would probably be around 40-50 shots. If 10 makes you feel like shit later, or any amount for that matter, the more water you drink before going to sleep, the less likely a hangover will be

EDIT: and tonight i picked up 2 Old English
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