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Matt Barlow...(Iced Earth)

I'm wondering how he gets that sort of bite with his words. Take the song Dark Saga for example; after most his lines he does that "ya!" thingy. When I do it, it sounds like I'm just singing like Kai Hansan from Helloween all nice and melodic. Has anyone ever seen him live? Does he scream words out making his face red, or is he just singing normally? Should I try using that crunch you get with BM vocals? Or should I just keep at it? ....btw, no I'm not going to take up smoking..
Man, I get real sweaty after I wack my dong. Yeah, cause I headbang while I do, and I can't really "Jump" (haha ) like VanHalen in a dorm room, so I just walk back and forth....haha a couple days ago I was jumping up and down on my bed, with my pants down and my roommate came in when I wasn't looking, hahaha.

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