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@ Bose , i think in this thread is only one person with toally unrealistic
double bass speed and thats the 325bpm 16th guy.

240bpm is possible for a good drummer who plays double bass for many years
( 6years +) ,practices double bass every day
and has some talent.

considering the world record is 352 bpm 16th
why should a good talented metal drummer who is playing for many years not be able to reach 240 bpm 16th ???

i was able to reach 190bpm 16th after 1 year of practice
now i play 3,6 years and i am able to play 205 bpm 16th without problems.
(212bpm 16th for a few seconds)
why should someone with more talent than me and many years of hard practice not be able to reach 240bpm.
Ok ist hell a fast but its possible.

to the trigger thing i know what a trigger is you dont have to explain that to me

its just that you would not hear a difference between 215 bpm 16th and 230bpm 16th when you not trigger your basedrums an extrem way thats sounds crappy.

when you are always talking about Pete Sandoval what is his double bass speed ? I am sure he could reach more than 240 bpm 16th when some mad jazz guy has a 352bpm 16th world record.

so nobody here says he is faster than pete
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