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hm i can go 205 bpm 16th double bass in a clean and smoth way for about 35-40 seconds

this may sound slow compared to the 240 and 325 bpm guy but its fast enough to sound like a machnine gun

actually its 820 bpm

my top speed which i could hold for about 7 seconds is around 212 bpm 16th.

I do double bass druming now for about 3 years and i am practicing a lot.

To this guy who said his drummer does 16th at 325bpm.
thats about 1300 bpm ; absolut world record is 1400 bpm so either you are lying or joking or have no idea what you are talking about.
or your drummer is really fast as hell

240 bpm is very fast and 260 bpm is hell a fast.

But the true thing about that is that everything 16th above 210 speed
is totally useless cause nobody would be able to hear a difference except your base drum is triggert that it sounds like a computer click which totally sucks.

just watch the 1407 bpm world record video it sounds like someone is playing
16th at 100bpm cause its so damn fast that you cant hear the strokes.

to the guy who said his drummer can do 500bpm.
500 bpm = 16th at 125 bpm yes i think everybody including total beginners could do that cause that is really slow .
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