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Originally Posted by Compelled 2 Lacerate
Paiste Rudes would be pretty fucking hard to break just by playing them and zildjian Z customs and sabian metal xs.

you'd think so huh?... well, my drummer has a couple z custom crashes... he just got them like 3 months ago, and his 19" rock crash has a little crack in the middle, which a really weird place for a crack too, so we're suspecting foul play... normally cymbals crack at the edge or around the bell.
but his 18" z custom projection crash is just as old and takes just as much crashing and it's the thinner one so i was totally expecting it to go first. and it's fine.
luckily he has a 2 year warranty on them... he can get it fixed as many times as it takes. or even replaced... the advantage of buying new.
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